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Thread: infected Cups: Game type voting

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    infected Cups: Game type voting

    It's time for our European Quake Live infected Cups again! This time we want you to decide about the game type and the map pool! Because of the FaceIT duel cups we would like to see more team action maybe. But of course you can still vote for duel! It doesn't matter what game type! Freeze Tag 2on2, iCTF 4on4, CA 3on3... everything is possible! Just post your wanted game type with the team size. This voting will run till the 4th November. The gametype with the most votes will be played 2 times weekly: 1 time for all, and one time for beginners, so everyone has a chance to reach a decent rank! After deciding the game type, you will decide the map pool!

    You can vote on ESR,
    our website or right here in this thread!

    2vs2 TDM

    So, lets infect!
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