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Thread: Question about counting score in QL !?

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    Question Question about counting score in QL !?

    Hi, my question is related to score counting system and what i wanna ask is..

    That I've been playin some time on ClanArena servers now, and it just didn't count the score for the last 240days..

    So i thought that maybe it doesnt count frags/deaths on unrestricted servers and that it does only on ranked !? ..or is it some other bug ?

    Thanks, Greetzz

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    Senior Member KaasMan is on a distinguished road
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    I believe that unrestricted servers do not save stats, but do affect skillrating. But I'm not sure.

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    Unrestricted servers (marked with a question mark) are open to all, ie not tiered. They count towards your stats.

    Unranked servers (with a lightning bolt) don't count towards your stats.

    If you see a server with both the above symbols, then it's unrestricted and unranked.

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