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Thread: How to do new skybox for dm17 and ctf4 maps

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    How to do new skybox for dm17 and ctf4 maps

    I have a skybox images, but I have no idea how to overwrite this on ctf4 and dm17 in wolfcam ql 9.2.

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    searching the same D:

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    Space CTF's skybox is in pak16 at \textures\skies\env
    To replace them you'd have to cut up the overall image that you've found into the 6 that are in there (It'll involve some effort)
    Unless the image you have can be stretched without looking REALLY weird, then this won't work

    You'd have to download a skybox (You can get some here) or you would need to make 6 separate images. (It has to be like a box to work)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfcam thread that's no longer visible
    For moviemakers who either don't like the current skies, or have something special that they would like to replace the skies on all the maps, there is a "skykey" cvar out now (as of v7.2). Use r_fastsky andr_fastskycolor to chroma key the sky, and use r_forcesky to force the sky to a specific shader.

    Quote Originally Posted by brugal
    seta r_forceSky textures/skies/hellsky
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