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Thread: Graphic Issues

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    Graphic Issues

    Hey Guys . For somehow , im getting trouble getting my constant 125 frames per second . Thats realy strange got a 2GHZ Dual Core with a Geforce GT640 . I never had issuses like that even in extrem Situations like 16 Players ond FFA on Longestyard with every little Detail turned to High the Frames never dropped below 125 . Now for Example with 6 Players on Longestyard Frames going from 100 - 125 . Drivers are all up to date , vsync is off ..... got no ideas left , maybee you guys ?

    Regards !

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    First thing you should do is reinstall Quake Live.
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    ...and still playing!
    Remember, if you happen to join our clan, you can be drunk during each and every match in QL and GET AWAY WITH IT.

    lets C H I L L !
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    In ql the other weapons started to shine.
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    anywas hope rocket lawnchairs r neffed, becuz they mak me mad n get iolet so no noob can spam nd win like idot

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    is your card in a 16x lane

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    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    I had a similar problem. in my case I disabled hardware acceleration in flash and disabled overclocking.

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    QL has some graphical performance bugs which was never fixed. I would recommand starting your CFG from scratch using the Performance Preset in the menu or use someone else config and tweak to your liking.

    All that jazz started a long time ago ( 2 yrs+ ) when they added PostProcess option but still occurs even if disabled. I can reproduce the bug just by using QL default cfg or Uber eye candy preset.

    This happening while using 4x4ghz 8gb ram and hd6850, proving it's a bug. Most likely a conflict between multiple graphical settings.

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