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Thread: How can I change my sensitivity?

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    Unhappy How can I change my sensitivity?

    This seems stupid. But I feel like i'm dragging my mouse a mile just to turn and I looked through settings and it says "sensitivty" anywhere. I'm trying to change it so I can actually play this game without raging!

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    2 ways to do this:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Ultimate Quake Live Guide
    To open the console in QuakeLive hold CTR+ALT and then hit the tilde key (above tab).

    The tab key auto-completes commands, map names and (if disconnected) demo names like a unix terminal.

    Text copied into the windows clipboard can be pasted into the console with ctrl+v

    \com_allowconsole 1
    and then hit enter, and you will not need to hold ctrl+alt any more to toggle the console with tilde.

    All console commands should be prefixed with \ if you forget just hit tab and it will auto-complete it for you.
    Link to that page is here

    Then, in the console, type "/sensitivity <SOME AMOUNT>" filling in "<SOME AMOUNT?" with a sensitivity of choice.

    The second way is in the menus.

    Controls --> Mouse --> Mouse Sensitivity
    Click image for larger version

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