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Thread: The peoples I meet

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    The peoples I meet

    Workin internet for this guy earlier this week at his house. While Im movin around and testing stuff, this guys got some pretty good material on his home stereo. Dub step, some pretty nasty bass drops and stuff.
    I like it when I work with these customers. makes me feel more comfortable i guess to listen to music while I work, esp considering I cant run around with ear buds in all day in customers faces.
    Anyways, I told the guy after I was done, that he had some pretty good taste in music. His reply.... Thanks, thats all my own material I made on my laptop in my spare time... Srsly. I sat with him for like 30 mins after the job as he opened his laptop, and showed me TONS more of stuff hes made. HUNDREDS of beats. The kids a natural I think!

    http://soundcloud.com/thalabprodutions/beast My personal Favorite, It really cuts loose around the 1 min mark

    More stuff
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