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Thread: Need to nerf lg

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    The reality is, you suck, deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
    if you dont like getting lg'd, learn to dodge. simple. if anything is overpowered and needs nerfing its the RL, just learn to dodge..it may be totally over your head how to use or dodge lg but if you put some time in youll start to get it.
    The rail is so underpowered...my god...quit qwhining about the rail...the LG is way over powered.....or as was suggested....its reach is to long./..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfa View Post
    I suspect it is overpowered at lower tiers, but balanced reasonably at higher tiers.
    In lower tiers it's actually underpowered. I know tier 1-2 players, they can't track a person walking in straight line, unless they're straight behind/in front of them :) Spam weapons are much more successful in the low tiers.

    On a bit higher level, things get all positional and situational. All weapons are abusable, but the noobies advancing to tier 4 only have experience in avoiding rocket spam, so the obvious thing to do with them is mercilessly cut with shaft. Hence the countless threads like this one.

    PS. I have 40% more frags with LG than RL, but still do 15% more damage with RL. I fail as shaft abuser :(

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    Last time I checked all people use in CA is rocket, when I last played I swear I was the only one switching it up.

    Anyway, LG is just fine.
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