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Thread: Community made video guides/addons/scripts #3

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    Cool Community made video guides/addons/scripts #3

    Welcome back community member
    Yes indeed, welcome back to our 3rd edition of community made video guides, addons and scripts. Friends with-in our community have been highly motivated, to do some awesome work for us. Let me just point out some of the outstanding work done for the community. Memento_mori and his great work - 2D demo viewer is a handy tool to analyze/showcase/insert-it-into-a-movie demos to great depths. All you newbs - thirsty for any knowledge, be sure to check out video guides made by the GD studios with James "2GD" Harding, also don't forget to check out and support new quake sites under addons and last but least you will find awesome useful stuff under scripts (ie.
    Server Console Menu script for all you pros .

    Ofc, just so you all understand this is community made work and it is unofficial and is not developed or supported by id Software. So show respect and support to the community work and especially their authors.

    Learn 2 play video guides

    a GD studios episodes with 2GD:

    Episode 01: Understanding Quake Live; part 1; part 2; part 3; part4;
    Episode 02: Setting-up your Quake Live, making your config (basic in-game menu tutorial, basic console commands must have)
    Episode 03: Circle jumping and strafing;part1; part2;
    Episode 04: Item timing in duel
    Episode 05: Strafe jumping and rocket jumping

    www.quakehistory.com / ESReality post - all quake related (news, tournaments coverage, stats, ...)
    2d demo viewer / 2d demo viewer - making visualizations
    Re-interactive spawn visualization
    Quake Live/Quake3 Movies
    Quake Live - Configs.eu
    Quake timers
    Quake Item Timetable
    PQL CTF Fastcaps Thread
    QLstats - Aims to deliver detailed player statistics from particular events and unlimited match history for everyone

    Server Console Menu - Usefull script to manage and operate you server.
    Quake Live Friends Commands - This allows you to invite someone to your server without leaving the game or adding them to your friends list.
    Quake Live Message Beep - Beeeeep!
    Quake Live Avto-Config - It does what it has been written in the tittle, i pinky swear.
    Quake Live extendet stats - Displays hits/shots @ match details.
    In-game ELO announcer - QLRanks / External program: In-game ELO announcer
    Zoomscript - generator / ESReality link - Hey, he created a zoomscript generator that allows you to zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. Enjoy!
    Quake Live Roster Sorter / ESReality link - It sorts stuff, especialy names.

    So just to conclude all the amazing stuff done:

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