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Thread: My ideas for Quake 5: Arena

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    They're remaking everything these days.

    I vote for a remake of vQ3.

    Although I think I'd rather have it on a different engine than iDtech stuff. I think they approach they've have taken towards engine design is awful for fast paced multiplayer.

    Also, when I say remake, I mean complete copy with just new graphics.

    I don't think any new gimmicks they could add would make the game sell anymore otherwise. Atleast if they do a complete remake some will transfer over to play it.

    In fact, they should make the standard multiplayer free for all like FEAR Combat did. (server based with actual server browsers and clients, non of this "in-a-browser" crap) They should do it in the name of e-sports. Because no other arena based/type shooter is going to be able to fill those shoes. You get crap like Shootmania just trying to sell extra copies by tagging their game as an esport, when it's obvious as day how ignorant they are.

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    I vote for what it seems they are doing ("project ranger"): a Q1 based game.

    For those calling a q2 sequel there's already one: q4 single player continues q2's story and theme, while following q3 on multiplayer, and we all know how bad it was. What made q2 awesome were its mods, not its vanilla form.

    It's time to go back to the only quake game of the series: quake1. Quake2 was called like that for marketing reasons (it isn't a quake game), quake3 isn't on the same line and quake4 is quake2.5.
    Not only there's the idealistic historic argument, but there's not a single new game that's similar to quake1, particularly artistic, story, action and addiction wise. Id software could continue to get CoD and borderlands leftovers (rage), but everyone does so these days so their chance to innovate is right on their past.

    Same goes for doom4. The correct decision is to make it closer to doom2 than to doom3, scraping over doom3 completely besides the hell level and add 2x to 3x monsters with 2x to 3x movement speed and satisfying weapons, just like doom1 and doom2. Problem is from the leaked screenshots (several months ago) it seems the style will be in between both but with 1/10 original doom action (you can tell that from map design and the fact it'll be placed on earth, not hell or mars), which is not good but it'll be hard making a worse game than doom3.

    I know doom3 did quite well in reviews, but fans and actual buyers (whether original doom players or not) rated it very poorly. But most importantly it sold awfully bad for a game that was almost exclusively developed for 5 years. That needs to change considering how rage did and the last......well, 10 years of the company.
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    Does anyone who's posting here realise that if there's ever a Quake 5 it'll still be (and I'm being optimistic here given Id's slow rate of creating games these days) another 8-10 years minimum before it comes out? That is a long, long time...

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    What they honestly need to do is start marketing QuakeLive to get people interested in Quake. I'm pretty sure about 80% of the people in the QL community came from playing one of the original 3 Quakes, or even Quake 4. We don't need a reason to play the game. It's fun as hell and most of us feel like it's the best FPS game out there.

    But I have never once seen an advertisement for QL. Why not? id knows that the game isn't profitable, Carmack has even admitted it. So why not MARKET the game? Put some ads on Facebook. There's a billion eyes on your game every minute if you market it correctly. If people play Warsaw and the other flash arena FPSs, then why not market it the same way with QL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragQueen View Post
    Good idea, we should also allow each player to hold only 3 weapons. One primary, one secondary and one melee.
    My idea is that you are always wielding melee, your melee is your fists/claws, and your gun is attached you your arm and you shoot it without a trigger. I think it works and it hasn't been done yet, Quake has this brutal feeling and it just doesn't fully come through when your limited to weapons. Giving the players the ability to wail on each other with their fists and claws, just ups the brutality of the death sport that is Quake. Quake isn't going to compete if it is just the same thing as it was before with pretty graphics, Quake Live's tiny fanbase is a testament that Quake needs to evolve to appeal to the masses. Everything the old school fans enjoy would be intact, fast paced gameplay, no iron sights, hardcore violence and brutal combat, but just with a little innovation to help Quake stand out among games like Halo and Call of Duty, which add new things with every installment.

    It would be a new genre of shoot from the hip games, it exploits the fact you don't need iron sights by freeing your hands so you can melee as fast and furious as you shoot. This game would be ****ing crazy.

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