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Thread: Quake Live Friday Fraggings

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    Quake Live Friday Fraggings

    I'm using this thread to post a (hopefully) weekly video posting with decent frags that I get. I decided to do this rather than continue working on Paradox 2, mainly because I don't have the time, but I might work on it later on when my schedule is a bit more open. I'm not really taking any demos at this time as I've got plenty of demos of my own to go through (about 32 full demos), but if I need them later I'll let everyone know.

    Episode 1: mikelikerockets really likes rockets.
    Episode 2: Venova goes flying
    Episode 3: frenzy131 gets a surprise
    Episode 4: Coming Soon

    This is not a general video posting thread. If you want to post a video, do so here please.
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