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Thread: Visual Effect Tips and Advice

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    Visual Effect Tips and Advice

    Hey guys I'm a filmmaker and a visual effects artist. I'm currently the Manager of Post Productions at a company I'm starting up. Although I still have so much to learn I feel that my skills are constantly improving and I feel that I have knowledge that I can pass on to anyone who is interested.

    I know Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Color (apple's color correction software), After Effects and Photoshop and am in the process of learning 3D software. I know techniques for editing, rotoscoping, matchmoving, and a whole array of visual effects. I'm constantly working on new projects and learning more and more techniques in each one that I do.

    As a filmmaker and Quake player, obviously I'm very interested in Quake videos. I got hooked on Quake and still play it today after over 10 years because of own-age.com. If anyone has needs advice on how to approach any sort of effect for their videos let me know. Just reply to this thread and although I'm busy and a terrible forum user I will try to check it weekly and respond as soon as I can.

    Also, my film crew and I are currently in a Sigur Ros music video contest. You can watch the video if you want to see some of my work here:


    Hope you like it and consider voting! We're currently in the top 50 and have a chance at winning but we need more support!

    The effects I've done in this video aren't too crazy; most go unnoticed, which is the biggest part of my job. The snow is obviously fake. It's my first snow effect and I could do better with more time but we literally almost didn't get the video up on time trying to polish it! Here's some other things I did that you may not notice though:

    -Removed a tripod leg from the middle of a shot (it was too much in the frame to be cropped)
    -Added the sun and lighting FX to the sunset
    -Sky replacements and colour correction
    -Seamless transitions between two shots

    If you want to see flashier things like explosions and blood splatter you can see that in other videos on our YouTube channel.
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