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Thread: Site Update - September 11, 2012

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    No wonder the dropped due to inactivity bug is still around, look at all the responders here who pretend it's no big deal (which is easier to do that DEALING with a problem). And by the way pikaluva13, chatting doesn't seem to prevent being dropped due to this bug, while waiting for a match to end after you die, only doing something with the mouse seems to successfully tell the server you're still "active" (as you sit there waiting for the round to end). But let's continue to pretend like an obvious bug that could be easily fixed, is no big deal. Let's pretend like I'm being unreasonable so we can avoid dealing with the issue. Good grief. You're correct pikaluva, whether a person dies a lot in a match (which is all of us so COME ON) truly IS irrelevant. Stop sidestepping the problem, and casting dispersions upon me the speaker, and let's get this simple bug FIXED by getting it in front of the right faces. Merely adding 5 measly seconds to the "dropped due to inactivity" function would solve this. We're not asking the moon here dude (and no it's not just me who has experienced this bug, I've seen many MANY people "dropped due to inactivity" merely as we were waiting for a round to end that went long, usually when it ends in a draw). This is a clan arena issue, so people who play exclusive clan arena or tons of clan arena are going to notice this bug.
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