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    Quote Originally Posted by cia_ran_9_11 View Post
    Really, no tweaks to space camp? Really? Still going with a thousand ways to fall into space? oooohkay

    Really? The bug where you get dropped "due to inactivity" if the match runs long, to a draw, STILL ISN'T FIXED? I see people dropped "due to inactivity" every day when a match does to a draw. They're dropped as they're just waiting for the match to end (because they died). Why are you developers and managers ignoring this ongoing bug? I've seen threads about it, I've brought it up when people are dropped "for inactivity" just before "round draw" is declared, and I point it out when they rejoin the match, yet STILL it's not fixed. Sheesh just add 5 measly seconds to the setting for dropping someone for inactivity and it would solve this. Good grief.
    *Or* you could talk to people instead of just watching.
    *Or* you could switch PoV to another person (or freecam and ghost like a noob).
    I've never been kicked for inactivity in a game except when I've literally stood up and walked away from the computer. I don't understand how anyone else can be if they're actively in the server.

    EDIT: completely unrelated, but cia_ran_9_11 doesn't know how to strafe, so they probably die often (since I just spectated them in a game)
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