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Thread: Site Update - September 11, 2012

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    Producer SyncError will become famous soon enough SyncError will become famous soon enough SyncError's Avatar
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    Site Update - September 11, 2012

    Today's update introduces the ability to purchase subscriptions in one, three, and six month increments, along with the ability to purchase redeemable gift tokens. It also resolves several issues that have popped up with the arena cycling system over the past month.

    Web Changes
    • We now offer one, three, six, and 12 month subscription options.
    • We now sell one, three, six, and 12 month tokens.
    • Added support to show information for multiple subscriptions applied to one account.
    • Long names are now ellipsized on the match browser 'Live Game Info' hover info.
    • Resolved an issue where the Premium pie chart on the Arenas tab would sometimes disappear.
    • Resolved an issue where players who have played more than 100 unique arenas would be missing certain arenas on their Arenas tab.
    • Game Summary now notes when a match was using PQL.
    • Game Summary & Game Details now properly handle score in forfeit conditions.
    • Allow Eliminated Players to Freecam Spectate option added to Start-a-Match for CA and A&D.

    Game Changes
    • Match servers now properly save and restore duel queue across arena loads.
    • Don't show the same arena multiple time if more than one arena doesn't exist (Start a Match, Samplers).
    • Better notification between arena voting ending and the next match.
    • Server will attempt to choose arenas appropriate for the match team sizes, or eight players in Free For All.
    • Server will no longer force a reload of the current arena if it is voted for again.
    • On Start a Match matches, the first arena choice will always be the current arena.
    • Resolved an issue where players would get dropped for server command overflow while on the voting screen.
    • Fixed ready up status out of sync / outdated - ready up statuses were only updated when both teams were present and balanced.
    • Allow players to unready themselves if their opponent joins and then leaves before readying up.
    • Ensure that players do not have a left over PMF_NO_FIRING flag set or an outdated ready flag, such as when a match is aborted during the countdown.
    • Fixed a shader issue on Premium Duel Scoreboard when no players are in the match.

    Arena Changes

    Concrete Palace
    • Swapped lower GA and YA's positions to their original placements.

    • Un-weapon clipped RA Pillar.
    • Added another jump-on light detail to RA.
    • Tweaked arch construction (ex: RG arch) to try and improve lighting.
    • Player-clipped upper-RG doorway to JP.
    • Made GL JP hole larger (easier to drop back down).
    • Tweaked Broken RG/Quad window for easier passage.
    • Rebuilt RA ad-frame.
    • Converted blue lights below RA ad frame to .ase model to prevent deforming.
    • Rebuilt deformed MH Tele frame.
    • Angled off corner between GL & RG for smoother passage.
    • Tweaked jump-up ledge details at lower SG room.
    • Added missing clip to the left of RA stairs from SG.
    • Improved clipping on Quad ad-frame.
    • Removed weapon-clip from Quad tele-exit ledge and high quad ledge floor grills.
    • Slightly raisd YA+RL floor trims for easier jump to YA.
    • Clipped RA 4x5hp bubble pillar for better flow.
    • Switch RA 2x5hp bubbles with 1x25hp bubble.
    • Use correct default ad images (w/ nopicmip).

    • Expand all doorway clips. (RA doorframe bug)
    • Player-clip quad sky areas.
    • Un-player-clip Quad lights to broken area. (can jump up now)
    • Player-clip basement ceiling lights (above shards).
    • Recessed low-YA ad frame to prevent head-bumping.
    • Re-space RA pillars and align to grid.
    • Continue RA-stairs trim.
    • Raise quad-broken clip slightly.
    • Clip RA ad-supports flush with wall.
    • Replaced mini-ledge to RG-ammo with pipes.
    • Fixed misplaced clip brushes at High-YA ledge.
    • Fixed overdraw bug at RA pillars/Water corridor.

    • Fixed clipping at mid jumppads.
    • Removed rain, raindrops, rain sfx.
    • Replaced broken ceiling pane in base with fresh new pane of glass
    • Removed vegetation where broken pane was.
    • Removed the hidden back half of all decorative pipes
    • Replaced the volumetric lighting from light fixtures with lower poly versions.
    • Additional miscellaneous performance optimizations.

    • Added two teleporter destination decals.
    • Use correct default ad images (w/ nopicmip).
    • Fixed missing clip above staircase hall near RL. (ceiling exploit fix)
    • Added pipe jump from GA/25hp to center pillar.
    • Fixed misaligned crate texture.

    • Updated author names.
    • Fixed various texture alignment issues.
    • Moved intermission slightly.
    • Removed hole at ** floor-grate (by MH door).
    • Player-clipped the foot of each ** pillar.
    • Raised high-YA door and fixed in place.
    • Re-player-clipped LG-broken. (much smoother now)
    • Fixed visible caulk at LG-broken.
    • Applied phong-shading to all broken area sub-surfaces.
    • Merged pre-RA windows into a single unit.
    • Shifted pre-RA pipe-window back 32units.
    • Player-clipped pre-RA pipe-window pillar feet.
    • Removed a portion of the pillar by RAJP.
    • Converted wire detail at RAJP to .ase to prevent deforming.
    • Player-clipped RA chain-pillar feet.
    • Widened access to **/Pre-RA JP at base.
    • Replaced Quad pillar jump-edge with easier broken pillar.
    • Fixed ** ceiling light being deformed.
    • Player-clipped ** pillars to prevent player hang-ups.
    • Raised ceiling light+wire in MH-** tunnel.
    • Raised ** ceiling.
    • Adjusted ** rockwall slightly.
    • Fixed pipes not touching the wall, near high-YA.
    • Applied lightmapping to various models.
    • Converted lift room wire-window to .ase, to prevent deforming.
    • Converted 45degree lights at Quad/Yard to .ase to prevent deforming.
    • Removed unnecessary cluster portals.
    • Moved RG drop slightly and rebuilt doors to create more room when open.
    • Fixed weapon-clip at RAJP glass.
    • Removed some ambient fluorescent light buzz.
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    Senior Member Dr_Mr_Ed will become famous soon enough Dr_Mr_Ed's Avatar
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    Sounds great. Looking forward to all the new Premium/Pro folks who've been waiting for shorter term options!

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    Junior Member Krypt is on a distinguished road
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    Good work

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    Senior Member runny is on a distinguished road
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    nice update

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    Senior Member keefy is on a distinguished road
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    Whata rip off its 6 for 1 month.
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    Junior Member Mr_B is on a distinguished road
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    only 1 criticism:

    Allow Eliminated Players to Freecam Spectate option added to Start-a-Match for CA and A&D
    how about adding that to FT too?


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    Junior Member czesiu is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by keefy View Post
    Whata rip off its 6 for 1 month.
    price differences seem crazy
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    Finally a new sub model. That should help eliminate all the excuses for not picking up a premium / pro sub.

    All in all solid update. Good fixes too The duel queue issue was beginning to get annoying.
    It's more fun when you're mellow

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    Junior Member cia_ran_9_11 is on a distinguished road
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    Really, no tweaks to space camp? Really? Still going with a thousand ways to fall into space? oooohkay

    Really? The bug where you get dropped "due to inactivity" if the match runs long, to a draw, STILL ISN'T FIXED? I see people dropped "due to inactivity" every day when a match does to a draw. They're dropped as they're just waiting for the match to end (because they died). Why are you developers and managers ignoring this ongoing bug? I've seen threads about it, I've brought it up when people are dropped "for inactivity" just before "round draw" is declared, and I point it out when they rejoin the match, yet STILL it's not fixed. Sheesh just add 5 measly seconds to the setting for dropping someone for inactivity and it would solve this. Good grief.

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    Member PitValid is an unknown quantity at this point
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    We now offer one, three, six, and 12 month subscription options.

    so great !!!

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