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Thread: how can i change my gun?

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    Smile how can i change my gun?

    as far as i can see that one the left-up side there is a gun lists displaying. It should be able to choose on, right? How can i change my gun? press what button?
    By the way, the game is really amazing!

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    Use mouse wheel to switch weapons. You may also want to bind your favorite weapons to the keys that are close to WASD (in case you are using WASD), you may do that with launching the game through Practice, and click on Controls.

    Also, you will only be able to switch to gaultlet and back to machinegun if you haven't picked up any weapons yet.
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    The above advice is good. Also note what game type you are playing. In clan arena most all the weapons are available at the start with nothing to pick up. In insta you will have only the railgun and gauntlet. ctf, tdm, ffa ect.. you will start with the gaunt and machinegun and have to pick up other weapons.
    Read the sticky thread called the ultimate quakelive guide at the top of this forum, it has ALOT of useful info for you.
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    mousewheel is for long rage/ medium range zoom. mouse 3 is for dropflag or droppowerup or +button2 (use holdable item).
    Otherwise use q-e-r-f-g-z-x-c-v for weapons if wasd for movement, similar setup for esdf or rdfg, and optionally alt and zoom key. I prefer wasd because of shift key for crouch/ctrl for walk.
    It is imperative to have fast key to press for rail and or rocket or lg for insta switch gametype, which unfortunately isnt played as much apart from spawned servers, which in europe there's usually 3 or more servers up anytime with instaswitch weapon setting enabled.
    Use number keys for messaging team/chat.

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