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fauX, looks like you made it to Tier 4 in CTF.
You'd think that was it, however I've been Tier 4 in CTF for months, so I'm not really sure what else could have changed?
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Before you probably saw both Tier 3 (green) and Tier 4 (orange) servers. Now you'll just see T4 as green.
Until today there were always 3 green (skill matched) and 3 orange (unrestricted) instaCTF servers in my local vicinity server list. Now there are 2 green and 3 orange. The only difference is one server that used to be green is no longer in my server list and that just happens to be the only one with an actual game going in the country. Thing is, there is only ever one going in Australia.

Given I've been Tier 4 for as long as I can remember, I don't really know what's going on with this. Could it be possible one of those green servers has been changed so that only lower Tiers can join, while the other two were left as is?