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Thread: Textures problem

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    Textures problem


    On several maps I am experiencing strange textures problems, like that you can see on the screenshot in attachment: shot0000.jpg
    ATI, Linux, QLPrism (based on Firefox).
    Is it the corrupted map file, or maybe graphics card or some software-related issues?
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    Which CCC driver are you using, DDD?

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    I'm using opensource driver: xf86-video-ati 6.14.6, Gallium 0.4, Mesa 8.0.4.

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    Corrupted texture file maybe? Try redownloading pak0/pak1 etc. (delete them and then log in, should download them again)

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    Lorfa, I've redownloaded them, but problem is still here

    c699054ee13eea054affe3ad75947c9d  pak00.pk3
    96c126d4868a4669d212f84265cbf8de  pak01.pk3
    43cc569e317eb30fb19631910341aef1  pak02.pk3
    f23cd62db6d2cfd29973b5375f4b4127  pak03.pk3
    e29419f4c9ccdf9c7bfeb9343924722d  pak04.pk3
    c79228cb930ef28d721d9b99da12ca5e  pak10.pk3
    36f3680876f71005e0648b6c572663d2  pak11.pk3
    dd9810dd16c25398534590032ea57cae  pak12.pk3
    084b61e0b81d716011134ecd1cba683f  pak16.pk3
    86d3ebd6c5e76610c4a139c985482fc8  pak17.pk3
    2735625a2862c3ab9db71c32ca2aa5e7  pak18.pk3
    d1174f91de50f5c3f511a9ea49daca29  pak19.pk3
    f3582e7780eee2782a632b295659af10  pak20.pk3
    d42949d8f888844ddfa0df439acbb01b  pak21.pk3
    6bfc2dfcc9dd2f40edf139a3651c32ba  pak22.pk3
    d31a0061aca7e8808ffaf770ecaa9dff  pak23.pk3
    47e93e2bec25dbbfb04fbd8eadf17b69  pak24.pk3
    00f265cc2d5e4d9461a1bd949a41259e  pak25.pk3
    710ba0fb4772b04eef5b5c70fad932bf  pak26.pk3
    3b201b2e4c72480717535ca5b1407320  pak27.pk3
    be46aa53c73807cbfe4610d23f3aa4c2  pak28.pk3
    3205fb5832cde0a5fd5bf016335a5d59  pak50.pk3
    and for this map (from screenshot in first post):
    6eb65fe017950c38ec63f78b7aa98e9c  grimdungeons.pk3
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