Completely agree on that. QL Analists/Developers should find a quick solution not to lose QL crowd. Because we need opponents to play with, we can't play against our "pro subscriptions".

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I'm SpaceCTF player and this is my second pro subscription. Since 3rd of September 2012. there is almost noonne to play with that map and I'm starting to experience my subscription is more and more worthless. Before this map pool my server was filled in several minutes to the maximum number of team slots and in night hours 16 player slots were not enough to host everyone who would like to join. Now, I can enjoy private quiet server with max 4 players if I wait an hour or so including all invites. SpaceCTF should be excluded from map pool because such players are like subculture of QUAKELIVE. This is my opinion and probably the key to hold on great amount of players. Cheers!