Looks like a lot of CA dm6 haters post here. When I browse the CA server list any campgrounds server is either full or 9/10 full.
It is a constantly popular map regardless of the negative comments here.
I guess the reasoning behind disabling them from voting is to "force" players into playing other less popular maps while indirectly "encouraging" players to purchase a prem/pro account. Let's face it the prem account is not good value for money unless you like organised clan matches.

Having played 1v1 on theatre of pain, it is quite painful, it is far too big and rounds that start of as 5v5, often end with a 1v1 or 2v1. This can go on for quite some time with skilful camping and escaping techniques; which in turn makes the entire game last 2 or 3 times longer than normal.
This isn't fun especially when you have been ganged at the start of a round in seconds and have to watch & wait for the next 5 minutes....

The best map for CA imo is Trinity.
Campgrounds, Overkill and Hells Gate ... gone? LOL

Removing ALL my favourite maps will NOT force me to purchase a prem/pro account.
ul QL.

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