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Thread: Asuka - Sexy Frag Movie

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    Asuka - Sexy Frag Movie

    Hey guys, im here to present my movie finally done after some months of planing and working on it. This is also my first movie and first attempt in movie making. Hope u watch it and enjoy it!

    Comments and critics are welcome! (:

    Watch in HD!!
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    Some entertaining frags and runs, good music too!


    Technical problems:
    Enable anti-aliasing!
    Learn to use /video avi in Wolfcam instead of capturing with Fraps... The movie is like 10 FPS sometimes.
    There's even console visible at 7:25 :)

    General movie making:
    2:30 intro? That's longer than my whole movie :)
    When it's clearly visible what happened in a scene, you really shouldn't replay it from different angles, it only breaks the flow. Fancy cameras are nice for intros/outros, but otherwise should only be used to explain something hard/impossible to catch otherwise (like a grenade killing 3 people behind a wall, or some double rails).
    Pummel on fatal1ty is a cliché.

    That's all. The frame rate was the biggest problem, otherwise I still enjoyed it :)

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