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Thread: Quake live hud

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    Quake live hud

    Hey , my name's RonniePL. I have question to you , players. I have watched QL short movie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGYlkSwyTMU) and I want have weapons like this guy , and that HUD . Does someone know how to have that HUD and that weapons style? Thank you in advance

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    This was done with wolfcam, which is a tool for viewing demos and making movies. It allows many options that aren't permitted by the game.

    The comment by phezart (as translated by google) says:

    "CFG can be found on quake live forum "Complete WolfcamQL config generated by KittenIgnition and Domino," and HUD very mediafire please. com /? cwhrij0hoikl8jl"

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    For the weapons you need to play with cg_gunX, cg_gunY and cg_gunZ. You also set color1 18 to get that purple railgun, but you can choose other colors.

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