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Thread: Looking for duel partner

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    Looking for duel partner


    Im looking for someone of a similar skill level to duel with on the Paris server, Im on QL almost every night and sometimes during the day. Check out my profile and friend request me for some mutual improvement and fun.

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    Junior Member st33l is on a distinguished road
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    checked ur profile and u have no prem, which makes it really hard, as it is now, to prac with anyone. U will need someone with pro account and ideally elo less than 1300 (best around 1200), otherwise u will just become his punching bag.

    sry for the bad news, but ql duel was always very hard to start with and now with the new map voting system is even harder (maybe twice as hard or more). I am just preparing u with an honest answer. Just try to find someone with pro account and low elo. It won’t be very easy, but there few around and will be worth it, being able to play all maps and also, to frag him.
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    Senior Member vurun is on a distinguished road vurun's Avatar
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    add me, invite sent
    VG278HE@144Hz + EC2evo + Manticor + Lycosa+ SS Siberia v2

    QL doesn't need more tiers, it needs more players (С)

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