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Thread: I turned pro and... (to newbies like me who want to learn how to play).

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    will add u asap
    VG278HE@144Hz + EC2evo + Manticor + Lycosa+ SS Siberia v2

    QL doesn't need more tiers, it needs more players (С)

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    Junior Member Accoun is on a distinguished road
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    How long do you usually play? I'd add you, but I usually only have time like from 22:00 or even 24:00 (UTC +1)...

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    I'm russian and i will add you soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by vurun View Post
    Don't get me wrong, my performance is quite lousy anyway But now I can create servers and practice duel in other places then dm6 and t7.
    So this message is to those who started playing and want to play competitive (not being trampled, which is uneducational).
    You can add me to friendlist, I'll make server of our mutual choice and we can play duels, make practice runs (LG arena/RL arena/RG arena) to improve accuracy or anything we'll come up with.
    For this time being I'm not talking CA (only for LG), TDM or CTF. It's like Duel and exercices to get better.
    I can spawn servers in RU, UA, EU and I think UK (I don't get decent ping in other locations). Starting time is approx. 18.00 (UTC+4).

    So welcome everyone, if you have a positive attitude.

    GLHF, vurun
    People like you are what keeps positive and fun gaming going.

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