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Thread: WolfcamQL :D

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    Junior Member ba1k6u93 is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2010

    Ok, there's no problem, cg_drawweaponbar works. You missed the cg_drawitempickups BTW .

    Thanks once again


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    Quote Originally Posted by xDeNx View Post
    Hi guys help me pls,I want such rail, without a spiral round it and same transparent as in drawing
    how to make the message of such size?
    and how to make such grenades? (but without a trail of fire after it)
    If for change of the weapon scripts that are necessary prompt as them to write to (do) or where them it is possible to get?
    For the rail you need "renks" scripts. There is the texture named "raildisc_mono3.jpg". Then you need the script fx disabling the railbeam and leaving alone the raildiscs with a very low distance between them.

    About messages you need to modify cvars

    cg_drawFragMessageAlign : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageAlpha : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageColor : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageFade : Fade the frag messages off of the screen
    cg_drawFragMessageFadeTime : How long it takes frag messages to fade off of the screen
    cg_drawFragMessageFont : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageFreezeTeamTokens : Sets how the teamkill frag messages are displayed in freezetag
    cg_drawFragMessageIconScale : The size of the frag message icon
    cg_drawFragMessagePointSize : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageScale : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageSeparate : Remove the frag message from centerprint
    cg_drawFragMessageStyle : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageTeamTokens : Sets how teamkill frag messages are displayed
    cg_drawFragMessageThawTokens : Sets how the frag messages are displayed in freezetag
    cg_drawFragMessageTime : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageTokens : Sets how the frag message is displayed
    cg_drawFragMessageX : No Info
    cg_drawFragMessageY : No Info

    The nades are from CPMA you need to rip and put them in "baseq3" into a ".pk3" file

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    Senior Member ybl is on a distinguished road ybl's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    "player XY joined the battle / spectators"
    is it possible to disabl this message?

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    Prompt how to change model of the player for which you play and and models of team players remained same with what were, at me I wrote a question cg_draw2d and fragmessage were gone how to return in general? and the last question as I can change color here these explosions?

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    I have some problems with the /cg_forceenemymodel "W/E". It just says "Unknown CMD command".
    In every video I look they use WolfcamQL, and have changed the enemy model somehow.
    I've tried WolfcamQL 8.4, 9.0 and 9.2 but it wont work. Help me out?

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    Member 8utt3Rs is on a distinguished road 8utt3Rs's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    South Park (Ger)
    seta cg_enemyLegsColor "0x00ff00"
    seta cg_enemyTorsoColor "0x00ff00"
    seta cg_enemyHeadColor "0x00ff00"
    seta cg_enemyLegsSkin "keel/bright"
    seta cg_enemyTorsoSkin "keel/bright"
    seta cg_enemyHeadSkin "keel/bright"

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    Member AGRESS0R is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    How to get this color model?

    Uploaded with
    My Movie Quake Live
    FragAholic Trailer >>> Watch own3D
    Quake Live Short Movie CTF >>> Watch You Tube
    Short Montage >>> Esr Reality
    Short Montage 2 >>> Esr Reality

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    Member DiEntity is on a distinguished road
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    Feb 2011
    cg_enemymodel keel/sport

    omg so much spammers in this forum:


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    Junior Member ba1k6u93 is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2010

    Guys, it looks like there's a new problem, but this time with software. Recently one of the FFA matches was not recorded, despite I set it in my game settings. Demo contains only about a second from beginning. I ask friend so I know that I'm not the first person who discovered that bug. Does anyone else had this problem before? How do you think who should solve this problem?


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