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    Today I decided to publicly release my quake live movement training map included with 3 other bundled training maps. I am also releasing my large freestyle map that contains a loop de loop, half pipes, quarter pipes, all sorts of ramps, and many jumps. I originally made it for myself and had a couple friends test it out for bugs. In total I spent around 60-80 hours on all of them and before making these maps I knew nothing about map making whatsoever for QL/Q3 or any modern FPS. A lot of input was received and many changes were made to make it well rounded. Hopefully people can get something out of it, I feel like it has made my movement better and I believe it can help a lot of people too.

    The main training map, which is run by /exec freaktrain is a full 15 checkpoint training run encompassing most of the basic movement techniques used in game. Movement control is more important in my map than gaining speed, although the advanced paths require some extra UPS.
    The second map, /exec freaktrainB2R is an experiment in training for the infamous bridge to rail jump. It includes 9 different levels of bridge to rail training from beginner to advanced.
    The third map, /exec freaktrainweaps is a weapons training/jumping map. There are 5 different portals to choose from at the start and each one brings you to a different area. The areas include "Rocket Jump Course", "Distance Jumps", "Precision Jumps", "Rail Movement Training", and "Wall Navigation".
    The last map in freaktrainfull.pk3, /exec mm_freak is a Muscle Memory Training map inspired by Counter Strike players and the tactic they use for simple MM training. This map is very small compared to the others but is a useful tool for anyones aim training.

    DEFRAG MAP - freaktrainfull.pk3(9.2MB)
    This pk3 includes 4 maps, load them by using /exec freaktrain, /exec freaktrainB2R, /exec freaktrainweaps, and /exec mm_freak.

    README - readmeFREAKTRAIN.txt
    Make sure to read this to know how to install, load the maps, and what is included in each map.
    FREESTYLE MAP - freakfreestyle.pk3(5.2mb)
    This map can be run with /map freakfreestyle and is two large freestyle rooms stacked on top of each other with many different routes and places to experiment with movement.

    Video of the main training run, /exec freaktrain.

    Video of advanced paths from the training run, /exec freaktrain.

    Video of runs from the weapons training map, /exec freaktrainweaps.

    Video of FAT3's plasma wall navigation, /exec freaktrainweaps.

    Why won't the map load when I used /exec freaktrain?
    If the map will not run, make sure you put the file in the right place first. There are two baseq3 directories in quakelive and the map should only be placed in the baseq3 that has your existing maps (aerowalk, bloodrun, campgrounds, etc). After placing the file in your baseq3 maps folder, you have to restart quake live in order to get the map to go into your map pool for loading in game. The README explains where the different directories are located.

    The map is in the right place, and I know I just put it there. Why will it still not run?
    I just tried to run the map and it didn't work, I went back to the maps folder and the file is gone?
    When quakelive opens it deletes all foreign pk3 files that are not authenticated. This can be avoided by setting the file to READONLY after you have placed it in the baseq3 maps folder. You can right click the file and go to properties, then select the read only checkbox. This will make sure that quakelive doesn't delete the file when quakelive is run.

    Some of the textures look missing/wierd in the map, why is this?
    When I created this map I used some premium graphics. I was a standard user at the time but didn't know that if the person running the map had never downloaded the premium maps that I pulled the graphics from, there would be some texture errors. This can be avoided obviously by going premium, or by having a friend invite you to a premium server and loading various premium maps.

    DEVMAP (how to enable cheats):
    Loading the maps with cheats enabled is easy. Run the maps with these commands to enable cheats:
    /devmap freaktrainfull
    /devmap freaktrainB2R

    /devmap freaktrain2 - weapons training map
    /devmap mm_freak
    /devmap freakfreestyle

    A few devmap cheats:
    /give all
    /give haste
    /give quad damage

    Enjoy the maps and if you'd like, give some feedback/demos/screenshots/whatever. Big shout out to XDC for giving me advice on problems that arose during the map making process!
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