Hey everyone, here's my problem : i've not been playing quake live since a very long time and I created a new account cause I somehow lost my old one for some unknown reason, but I don't care about it. So I installed the plugin and all that again (since I changed my PC in the period when I was not playing the game anymore), and whenever I try to start a game online or in paractice mode it says me that the quake live plugin crashed, and that plugin-container.exe encountered a problem and had to close itself. Now here's the things I tried to do : remove/reinstall firefox, same problem, remove/reinstall the plugin, same problem, on google chrome, same problem, I desactivated the data execution prevention (don't know the exact name of it, my computer is in french, but it sayed me every time that it prevented plugin-container.exe or firefox.exe from running for some stupid security reasons) via the boot.ini file, and still it doesn't work, so at least I know that the problem is not from my web browser (it didn't work on firefox nor google chrome), i doubt that it's coming from my computer so I'm pretty sure it's the plugin's fault, now I need your help to help me fix this, thanks