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Thread: SLA update page loop

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    Unhappy SLA update page loop


    i can't download quakelive content.
    I log in, SLA appers, accept licence, download and install plugin.
    Then i restart internet browser.
    But instead of downloading content, SLA page will appear again.
    I can't break out of this loop and play game.

    Internet browser: Firefox 14.0.1
    OS: x86_64 GNU/Linux 3.4.7-1-ARCH

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    *BUMP* request

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    Senior Member Dr_Mr_Ed will become famous soon enough Dr_Mr_Ed's Avatar
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    Sorry -- I've gotten stuck in this loop on my laptop before, trying both FireFox and Chrome. I resorted to using IE when I have to play on that machine. Never seen a solution. It's interesting to know it happens on Linux too, but I'm not sure that gets us any closer to an answer.
    Any sufficiently skilled player is indistinguishable from a hacker (to paraphrase Arthur C Clarke)

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    Junior Member killyoupl is on a distinguished road
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    I have the same problem. OS - x86_64 GNU/Linux 3.7.4-1-ARCH, browser - firefox 18.0.1

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    Senior Member stownr will become famous soon enough stownr's Avatar
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    When this happened to me a very long time ago hitting ctrl+f5 fixed it for me. I don't know what that would be in linux though.

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