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Thread: Some players are just "too good"

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    Some players are just "too good"

    Maybe it's just me but I have been noticing that on most if not all the servers I go on there always seems to be one player with a stat of like 30 frags and maybe one or two deaths.
    I know that here are genuinely good players out there but this is really getting ridiculous.
    It is taking all of the fun out of the game.

    Cheaters are such low life cowardly punks.

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    You're T3 across the board (gray, but still). I'm not saying there is anything wrong with T3 but the problem is when someone first makes an account they default to your tier until ID can properly skill match them to their appropriate skill tier. You're probably running into Gold T4 players making alt accounts to slum for a game or two. They're most likely not cheating and without a demo showing otherwise I'd lean towards them just being longtime players who need to find better things to do with their time. :~)
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    Both you and Swampy make good points. I will try not to be too judgmental of these people as they destroy my sad little realm. LOL!
    However, when I see their stats in a game like 40:1 I really, really hope that their ears fall off in a fire and horns grow in their place.


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    Once you've finished your 20 games per mode.. You'll be placed with compatible players. Looks like your being thrown into Tier 3 games when right now you are a 1 or 2.
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    Some people are just bad. I went there.

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    Some people are just amazingly good at this game. Did you ever see the G4 top 100 video games episodes. Q3 made their list, and even they acknowledged how incredibly good some people got at that game. Those guys have carried their skills over to QL. Even in T4 games, you run across some of these folks and it never fails to impress me. I've talked to many real-live friends that question why I play Quake -- you just join games and get reaped repeatedly. So lots of new (and not so new) players see this. But it doesn't mean they're cheating; believe it or not, the community is pretty good at calling out cheaters, sending in demos, and getting them banned.

    (LOL pika)
    Any sufficiently skilled player is indistinguishable from a hacker (to paraphrase Arthur C Clarke)

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