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Thread: Game Update 7/30

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    voting system is the WORST thing in QL, servers are empty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chi View Post
    This is crap, I have a pro sub and I still hate the new voting system.
    If you're pro, spawn your own STANDARD server with playable map pool.

    - you will get decent choice after each map (probably you'll select like 3-5 maps you think are good enough)
    - /callvote map campgrounds will work on that server
    - you can force any vote with a simple F1/F2 (including shuffle votes)

    - even though I'm spawning my servers as "my skill", they get promoted to new accounts and newbies with 0 playtime (so-called "walk mode" players) join them. It's sad having to kick them out.

    I'm running standard TDM pubs like that and on weekends they tend to survive 16 hours straight without me being there even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlogiston View Post
    Try spawning a standard server with just DM6 in the map pool... there, that what you're looking for?
    when will be the normal map voting system? nowdays random maps are undesirable =/
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    You ruins the game with the new update. I never play again!!!no only callvote change,the gameplay is changed to.
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    boring maps now , it was better before just saying

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