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Thread: Open your eyes - support quake live - purchase premium /pro or lose it

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    Junior Member 0verl0rdUK is on a distinguished road
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    I was happy to pay and have a pro subscription but I have now cancelled my renewal. I am not being forced to play content in a game that I have paid for. I have also bought Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein so I think I've done my bit. And let's be honest here Q2, Q4, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein were little to write home about.

    QL is little more than dumbed down Q3 with a web based game browser, there's little or nothing that isn't available on Q3 and a downloaded free mod. Looking for games? get Qtracker or some similar tool. It was the third party free mods that made the ID games better, not their original content.

    Releasing source code was to prolong the games retail life not charity so let's get some grip on reality shall we.

    Own goal in my opinion and they can shove it where the sun don't shine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitricity View Post
    I want to subscribe for freeze tag but why no paypal?
    Get in touch with SoG clan and have a look at www.planetfreeze.com for freeze tag related QL stuff. I'm sure people will be happy to invite you to games.
    Like to play more Freeze Tag ? Join Clan Chill. We play Freeze Tag most evenings, 7:30pm UK time onwards, with a smattering of TDM, CTF and a regular duel cup. Check our website. IRC : #clanchill on quakenet

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    Quote Originally Posted by zb0n3 View Post

    Anyway, I can't wait to see QL die and iD to close this shop and call it a day. .
    Comunity spirit at it`s finest......
    I think ppl don`t realise or have forgotten,this game has never been about making a great profit,it`s been about covering costs and developing new ways to make profit from future games.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stanton Friedman
    All flying saucers are UFO`s not all UFO`s are flying saucers.

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    Me like game, me pay for game, the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    Let's see:there are 4 tiers and believe it or not, they work nicely for protecting the noobies
    Are you serious?

    The skillmatching system in this game is by far the worst i've seen for any game ever. New players are put in tier 3 and can expect to play top players playing down in their first game on quake live. If this game didn't advertise skillmatching and kept things like they were in q3 then this wouldnt matter, but they are advertising this game as such in hopes it would become a popular e-sport.

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    I'm not playing alot, i played for the first time yesterday and last time i played was 3months ago, so the premium thingie seems waste on my part, sure i support ID wich is great but i'm not in that place i can throw money on anything just to let it drain out on something i rarely use.

    It would be sad to see the game die though because lack of support, mayby sell the game as stand alone?, like Q3A if it's as bad OP suggest idk.

    Doesn't the events all over brought some stash to ID? if not it should. I doubt it is as bad it seems, most companies cut into the f2p options over time to earn more money. Allso they are hiring people to work on their new game.

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    I bought premium, even though there are never really any premium servers up and running in the skill range (bad) that i am in, although sometimes i get an invite to a private match or 2 from the good people here. But i can track some extra stats, which is marginally useful, and it means im doing my part in supporting this game that i play and avoiding watching ads (a huge plus). Im not sure if im getting much REAL value out of premium, buttttttttt 24 dollars for a year is a bargain when i consider i pay 9 dollars a pack for smokes, and i wouldnt even get a 3 days supply for that.

    In the end, i really dont care about that 2 dollars per month. It wont even buy me a can of red bull. Everyone should chip in if they play. It might even give them enough revenue to advertise a little for new players.

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    If they really needed money, they'd make it mandatory..and besides, only an idiot pays for something offered for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by publicURINATOR View Post
    If they really needed money, they'd make it mandatory..and besides, only an idiot pays for something offered for free.
    IMHO QL isn't free. Standard players pay with waiting time for watching paid advertising. Nice stats btw.
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    Sometimes you lose. And sometimes the others win.

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    Post Too many adverts even after you've forked out good money to gte past the ads.

    The annoying part is that more and more advertising is getting into the game even extra images today while in spec and I'm paying, I don't want the adverts blocking my view and getting in the way, why don't the freebie players just get given the ads and the rest just left to play without them ? That's how it was when i started playing.

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