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This is a huge misconception. How have paying customers been mistreated?

Changes have only affected 'standard/free servers.' Paying customers are still awarded the same features they have had since their original purchase, have they not?

Do you believe that because some premium maps are available to standard players that paying customers are somehow mistreated? Sounds like people are just reaching to complain, it's irrational.

All subscription based companies use these tactics. It's called marketing and promotion with the means to capture more business. Temporary upgrades and changes are offered in all industries to 'free users' to entice them to upgrade. That's the whole point of a subscription service. You give them a taste and hope they pay for their service.

What happened here is ID allowed 'free users' a lot of flexibility and freedom within their system, so when ID decides to say enough is enough, we have bills to pay to keep the show runniing, everyone cry's wolf and quickly forgets that they haven't had to pay a dime up until this point.

In the end, we're talking $20 and it's just downright silly. If you find $20 over the span of a year expensive, then there's no hope for these people. Welcome to the real world.

So please, show me where I can play? There are only empty prem. server. Get in the game ffs, you make absolutely no sense at all. Typical ignorant...