It appears virtually every time ID makes a fairly significant change such as the recent update, many choose to let their frustrations loose in the form of irrational bickering and disagreement.

At this juncture in the life of Quake, it is undoubtedly coming to a swift conclusion if the community doesn't choose to support the game they cherish so much. Has anyone stopped to think for a moment that perhaps ID is invoking these recent changes such as call-voting because the community isn't doing its part in contributing to the survival of this game? More specifically, the community is not doing their part in contributing their dime to ensure Quake Live has the funds to continue operations?

ID does not have an endless pit of resources where they can call upon millions of dollars off their secret virtual money-tree, something that may surprise many of you. Quake Live is a business, and it cannot continue to run if it loses money for the company. I'm astounded that Quake is alive and kicking given its absurd unforeseen longevity. To my understanding, Quake Live is indeed a business failure which clearly and undeniably suggest this business venture is not turning a profit.

This could possibly be ID's last push, or a hail mary, to turn Quake Live into a profitible business (Hell, maybe even break even) that they can justify its continued operation. This means the community, its players, can continue strafing around while rocket jumping w/ wreckless abandon and joy. Does anyone understand this? It seems we prefer to ***** & moan while demanding that we should receive everything for free.

Support your game and contribute, or potentially lose the game in its entirety. You may accomplish this by purchasing premium. Last time I checked, this costs around $20. Only $20 to purchase premium for a years worth of service??? Why is this even a discussion? Why aren't we all premium players, yet alone PRO subscribed players?

The community has a choice. Purchase a subscription, or lose the game. I love this game, but I wouldn't keep it around if it were lightening my wallet.