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Thread: How do QL counts skillrating?

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    Question How do QL counts skillrating?

    I started with skillrating 160. After first match (1st place from 12, 3 quitters) it was 164. Later three matches:
    1st place from 7, 2 quitters
    4th place from 10, 1 quitter
    2nd place from 9, 3 quitters

    And now skillrating is 162.

    I've read somewhere that top 3 from generalized scoreboard goes up and bottom 3 goes down, but looks like it's wrong from what I see. It means no much for this particular case, but I'm just curious about it.
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    First off, there's minimum time you need to be on server to even be on the "generalized scoreboard". I don't think it was disclosed anywhere, it's probably 1 or 2 minutes.

    Secondly, that "scoreboard" is sorted by score per time.

    Thirdly, quitters are still on that "scoreboard" provided they passed the minimum time of playing.

    So if you have 5 points in 5 minutes (1 per minute) and someone else has 4 in 3 minutes (1,33 per minute), he's top of the scoreboard. If everyone else played below the minimum, that can mean you're treated as the worst on the server :)

    Can't really say anything about that without knowledge of that hidden constant.

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