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Thread: Petition to remove the inability to select maps in free servers/return to last patch.

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    Member ephix1a is an unknown quantity at this point ephix1a's Avatar
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    Exclamation Map Cycle Petition

    Before - Here we go Quakers, we bring you a new Quake game which is TOTALY FREE!
    Dear Quakers, now we have a new suggestions forum, tell us what you want in the game and we will add it!

    Now - Dear Quakers now there are pro and premium membership which you have to pay in a FREE TO PLAY GAME! There will be map pools now so we get more money from pro memberships

    I am a paying member but i do not support what the quake team is doing, just killing the game which you have worked on 3 years now. Think about it, devpicks were great, you get an award for playing it and you play something you never played before. Like, i have played domination on cod, I don't play cod anymore because there are too many hackers. But like, seriously? I remember when the game was better, when there were no pro or premium memberships, when you were caring more about the players not the money. I understand, everyone needs money for family and food, but why would you make the maps limited for the standart players? I know, it's the MONEY. You can still get money without taking the maps out of the game, you could make the pro accounts to let you spawn servers, make clans and all the other stuff you can do but don't take the maps away from the standart players, i mean i paid for pro membership just to play on all maps, but almost nobody plays on premium servers anymore. Think about it, if you want to ruin such a great game which is balanced and there are no hackers ok go for it, sometime Raven will make a quake 5 game. The only thing i want is all the maps to be able for the standart players, i will not cancel my membership if the game returns to the patch where all the maps were playable on standart servers.
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    Junior Member FunGo is on a distinguished road
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    /signed of course...

    I was so happy some years ago when I read that ID software was developing Quake 3 Arena again (Quake Live), it was a dream for me that played Q3 for so many years!

    But now...
    When I joined a server and I tried to callvote map campgrounds and noticed the new message... well I was just shocked and I said, ***?! How could you remove the LEGENDARY MAPS for free members?! Are you crazy? You ruined everything!
    I'm a player that played Quake III Area for many many years, and DM6, DM17 and a lot of other maps are a MUST for Quake. TAKE THEM BACK NOW!

    After this update a lot of servers are ruined! There are some CA server with DUEL maps!!! ***? How could I play CA 4v4 in a duel map? CTF are desert and a lot of new gamemodes you introduced just failed!

    Listen to the players that play Quake since Quake 3 Arena!

    I hope you realize that YOU ARE LOSING A LOT OF PLAYERS. Maybe you make profit now, but you ruined for sure the future of Quake Live.

    60 pages are not nuts.

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    Just FYI, we've been having these "ID is killing quake live" threads since Quake Live's release.

    Quake's current userbase is extremely dedicated, they're not going anywhere.

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    Well if I have the choice between the "ruined Quake Live" you describe and no Quake Live at all (project closed for financial reasons), I choose the ruined version anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashSoul View Post
    Well if I have the choice between the "ruined Quake Live" you describe and no Quake Live at all (project closed for financial reasons), I choose the ruined version anytime.
    ^^ this!

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    lol yeah....bring back the ability to vote every map back so ppl can vote campgrounds 90 pct of the time.

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    and for all those people who think they are keeping ql 'alive' by paying: you have no idea. those servers are extremely cheap, you can run q3 servers on a crappy pc from 1995 with very small bandwidth used. it is ridiculous to try to justify the payment with this. the only thing you really do by paying is make them think of more annoyances that they can throw at the players to get them to pay more for removing those again.
    offering servers around the world is of course something of value. but it's not much. technically. you have to realise that it's not about the players but about profits. it's all about the money. and you dont get much for it.
    i have never paid for quake live, and i never will. i dont see the improvement from q3. it's the same game. and i already own it. i actually enjoyed q3 more because it had a lot more freedom, mods, community maps etc. unfortunately there are more players in quake live. it would be nice to see people go back to quake3 because of all the annoyances that they built in quake live to get people to pay for it.

    i am thinking about setting up an oldschool ra3 server ;-)

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    hell yes... pls stop this 3 map voting after a match...

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    I like the new rules, no more dm6 and ztn 24/7

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    Its realy sad to see the regresion of this site. I do hope they read these posts after all, couse its obvious quakelive will die in this "premium" way. The game is just boring now. I do hope one day after few months when I ll log in again to see eveything back in good old way. Its all up to you quakelive team. Dont let the fans down.


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