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Thread: Petition to remove the inability to select maps in free servers/return to last patch.

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    I think its great the maps are rotated and gets more ppl to buy premium but it should be possible to vote which of those you want to play instead of forced to play one of the 3 maps that come up at the end of the game.

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    maybe make the normal again and rotate between premiums, 2 premiums every month for everyone

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    Junior Member TheSKO is on a distinguished road
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    I haven't played in a few months I come back and all i can say is. What Happened? HUH? I am a pro member and this sucks.
    I don't know what the numbers are I am sure y'all do (of amount of ppl lost since this patch vs revenue or whatever!!!). It seems less ppl play and if the fewer ppl play the less likely I will pay for pro again or even premium.
    Hope y'all switch up the scheme some how. I mostly get on to play and want to be able to find something quick that I want to play. I don't want to start a server wait to fill it up then play ....thats if it even fills up. I also don't want to play the same few maps repeatedly in public servers. There seems to be hardly any servers with real ppl.

    I want my instant gradification which isn't what ever this is!!!!

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    Junior Member redoo is on a distinguished road
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    Damn, such a shame... After 13 years ID decides to kill the quake 3/live community for short term incomes spike. I can't belive that such a potential is being wasted. I was concerned watching how poorly quake live manages the the ads business - in Poland at least, there where so few commercials and they where so often broken, not working etc. Not to mention that there where almost no ads that would make any sense for my localisation... There are almost no pre-loading video ads... ID sux badly at finding local ads providers which was initially meant to be the primary source of financing for QL. Now they come up with such ridiculous and desperate ways to get money from players... it just won't work cause when the standard players will go away, the game will be gone. What's next - payed weapon modifications?

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    Senior Member DragQueen is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verletzer View Post
    This is most likely going to be the case, but I'm still going to keep posting here. This new voting system has caused me to be much more violent than usual. For the last 2 months my wife and kids have been living in a women's shelter. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose temperament has taken a sharp turn in the wrong direction.
    You get violent to the point of making your family move over a video game?

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    Junior Member R1p1Ty0m is on a distinguished road
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    this mapchoice is crap

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    i like the new system, but it's not working. It be better with more choice of maps at the end (all available) and no monthly rotational changes. If I don't want to play CA, the only servers I can count on these days are the "sampler" servers.

    People like repeating maps and getting good at them. QL is loosing what people like.

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    Junior Member cheetahhh is on a distinguished road
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    give us freedom

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    Junior Member Max_Rush is on a distinguished road
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    Let us play, please. I don't want me and my friends pirate Q3 again, because I respect you. So respect me back and let me choose maps I want to play.

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