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Thread: Petition to remove the inability to select maps in free servers/return to last patch.

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    Junior Member monogana is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by YMCMB View Post
    Absolutely false. I'm tier4 and with the "all populated" settings right now there are exactly 26 populated CA public servers (not private or passworded) in Europe only. Twenty six, and this was 8 minutes after you posted.

    Wanna play some duel instead? 9 servers. FFA? 10 CTF? 6. And 3 instagibs.

    Sad that people are spreading completely unfounded rumors, saying that they can't find a single server whereas I just showed you have 26 CAs to choose from, 19 in other mods, and that's only the public matches.
    i am not lying - when i posted there was only 1 ca server with ppl on it in my vicinity - i.e with a usable ping.....

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    Senior Member DAHUNTERROCKS48 is an unknown quantity at this point
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    what can you say?

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    Junior Member xTrac is on a distinguished road
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    Every night it gets harder and harder to find a good CA match in my vicinity (t4, va). Connecting to euro servers are not an option because I like to have a ping that's under 200...

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    Senior Member SLEEHUNTER is on a distinguished road
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    There use to be a time when you could find a match, CA, CTF, TEAMDEATHMATCH any time of the day........not so anymore since this last update. I've trolled the servers for hours the past couple weeks and unfortunately for you ....it's not to be! Oh well! Game over!

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    Junior Member rozina is on a distinguished road
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    Not to mention the skill drop in t4 CA. Seems like the good players just stoped playing. Really sad. I loved this game. Payed for premium even though it didnt give me anything (back when public was unlocked). Now I feel really dumb for throwing my money away.

    Ok so you want all the maps to be played. But then give us the options to vote, so we can play the good ones from rotation. And not the 3 random maps, but us voting the good ones. I mean what the hell, I am on a 3v3 server, and all the suggested maps are for team size 5+. And once you choose a map you cant change. Ofc the next thing to happen is everyone just quits.

    And for the love of god, put CA maps on CA servers. Good CA maps. What the hell are these maps we are seeing right now...

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rozina View Post
    What the hell are these maps we are seeing right now...
    I'm going to take a guess that it's one of
    Arena Gate
    Blood Run
    Cold War
    Courtyard (CTF)
    Demon Keep
    Dies Irae
    Gothic Rage
    Grim Dungeons
    Hells Gate Redux
    Overlord (CTF)
    Rebound (CTF)
    Siberia (CTF)
    Skyward (CTF)
    Space Camp
    Theatre of Pain
    Vortex Portal (CTF)

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    Senior Member thuNDa is on a distinguished road
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    not allowing to vote the maps on server is **.
    i mean you can find empty servers with good maps all the time, so after the server lets you vote only crap maps, you can go to a different server with the map u want anyways.
    so why the hassle, just let me vote on the server what i will get anyways.

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    Junior Member TBOY1337 is on a distinguished road
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    /sign From what ive seen you have destroyed my favourite game, sort it out...

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    After dipping in and out of QL for a while I thought i'd give it a proper go this time, only to find the it had all changed! If i was completely new to the game and didn't have that nostalgia factor I'd just give up on it and never look back. This update can only lead to one thing!


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    Junior Member zero557 is on a distinguished road
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    Bring back the old patch

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