Firstly, I'm a paying customer.

This really was not a smart choice by the dev team. Not only are you turning paying customers away by giving out the paid maps for free, you're also almost certainly going to lose a vast majority of your playerbase in the free section due to players being forced to play maps that aren't really suited for a 5v5+ CA, and what did you expect to gain? A few thousand dollars at most?

I had a lot of respect for the Quakelive team due to keeping such a wonderful game still alive and beating for free, and allowing gamers from every corner to enjoy such a skillful/fair game. This respect has completely gone as of this patch.

As a paying customer who had no worry paying the small fee, even though I wasn't utilising all the benefits; I will not be renewing my subscription or playing until/if this is fixed, along with my 5 other friends who play regularly, and have played almost since quaklive was up.