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Thread: Can someone explain this to me... (duel ranking/matchmaking system)

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    Can someone explain this to me... (duel ranking/matchmaking system)

    Let me start by saying I understand that sv_skillRating means absolutely nothing in terms of actual skill but I'm going to be referring to it here because in this case it simply does not make sense.

    Here's the scenario (and it's happened to me over and over and over...):

    I win a bunch of duels and build my sv_skillRating up to high 30s to low 40s which ranks me as tier 4. I don't play for a week or two due to my busy schedule and come back to find my skill rating is now 15 and I am tier 3 even although I have not played to lose and rank down. So in this particular case I come back at skill rating 15 and join an empty skill matched server. I play 4 matches on bloodrun. I lose one 10-6 in a triple overtime and win the other 3 with scores of 15-2, 2-0, 5-2. Now QuakeLive says my skill rating is 11?

    Am I missing something? I don't care about the actual # it means nothing to me other than I know it's what Quake Live is using to skill match me and it makes it impossible to find matches because 75% of the players that join my server leave before readying up when they see the skill gap.

    I'm by no means an amazing dueler but I don't understand how I'm constantly being ranked down after winning in skill matched servers? Seriously, someone explain the logic to me because I'm failing to see any.

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    of not bothered about ranks etc why bother mentioning it :>

    however depending on the player....... you win/loss against and by point difference.. effects rating.

    no idea if gone afk for a couple of weeks how that would effect rating. imo it does.. change (well doesnt with me) ;d

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    It might have been that all three games were to people of lower SR than yourself.

    I don't know the exact formula, but beating a weaker player gives you a much lower, if any, boost than beating a stronger player - likewise losing to a weaker player will lower your SR more than losing to someone you're expected to lose to.

    SO hypothetically, maybe all three games were against someone with SR's of 1 (unlikely I know).

    I know the system is based upon Elo so if they haven't added in any extra variables then that only looks at win/loss and the opponents SR - scoreline and overtimes have no effect. If you're mainly a dueller, I suggest you use QLranks.com as it provides a more transparent history of your ranking.

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    The duel skill ratings are too volatile. I lost a few games and went from gold tier to tier 3.

    I wouldn't be surprised if just 50 elo on QL ranks were lost you could drop two tiers depending on the opponents since each rates things differently and QL's is so volatile.

    You've really go to do your own skill matching instead of relying on shaky systems that are only a rough guide.

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