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Thread: [FoD] - foundation of Destruction Are recruiting all kind of players.

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    [FoD] - foundation of Destruction Are recruiting all kind of players.

    I know I posted a thread earlier this week about looking for a clan, but have since decided to create my own. I did so because there are not enough clans that fit my standards; and because not enough are active. I do not exactly want a leader role, but it is better than nothing.

    Foundation of destruction will be a CA/TDM/Duel clan, and will accept most people who fit into the category of active and mildly skillful. I would want to play with you before sending an invite, and only have one rule at the moment when it comes to clanhood: You must wear the clan tag exactly as mine. I would recommend using an accented blue letter in your name as well, but it not currently required.

    Reply to this thread or add me and I will start the process of recruitment.

    Frag ya later,

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    I am interested I had same prob with finding clan so kdk is my own contact me and we can play
    [Kdk] CCMwitboy

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    Hi im interested as well !! If possible.
    I play a lot of CA and CTF.
    I like team play i have Teamspeak and Skype. i play since 2months on QL but i ve been Q3A a lots =)
    Contact me if interseted ty ^^ ☺

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    You stole my words lol:

    I will take it as the highest form of flattery

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    For some reason, I can't find a st3bo on quake live (when I search for that name, it just redirects me to the server list), so I don't know what region you play in. Any chance you play on the US west coast? Also, do you have some form of voice chat? Doesn't matter if it's Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Mumble, or Skype.
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