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Thread: Nobody my skill level plays InstaCTF

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    Nobody my skill level plays InstaCTF

    Hi, I am new to the forums so I apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. The problem is that there are no people my skill level playing instaCTF, why is this? If I play 'More Challenging' servers I get completly owned and dont have a chance.

    I used to be able to find many servers my skill level which I enjoyed playing as they were fair games: roughly the same amount of kills to death. I guess as I have progressed the game has made me play harder people, but the thing is there is no one to play InstaCTF with my skill level...

    Is there anyway to lower my skill level so I can continue playing InstaCTF with people my skill and actually enjoy this game. I understand QL tiering system but why are they making me play harder games that I do not have the skill level to compete in?

    I think I am tier 3 or 4 not sure...

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    InstaCTF is unranked as far as I know so that means tiers don't matter right?

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    Insta games are tiered just as non-insta, ranked games are. In fact I believe that the skill algorithm doesn't differentiate between ranked and unranked, insta and non-insta games. i.e. your CTF tier is affected by your results in iCTF matches - there's no distinction.

    As for OP - can't really offer much help I'm afraid, apart from the advice to try to add as many people as friends as you can that seem to be around your level in iCTF.
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    Well you cant really do anything else better about that and yea instactf is unranked anyways so it dosent really matter try to get better.

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    im a fan of insta but never played ictf
    gonna try it out

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    iCTF is somewhat of a niche gametype that's played mostly by folks who have been on it for a long time (read years). So it is common to be owned by them in most servers you play (it happened to me when I started off a few months ago). However, the skill ramp-up in iCTF is pretty fast and boils down to a few basic tips that should help you going. Most of us folks, if not all, are good fellas and would be glad to help you out to improve - just find us on servers and ask for help. I did that when I started, and now I am at par with most and contribute and enjoy the matches a lot more.

    Bottom line: Most new iCTF folks have to go through a tough initiation, but once you persist, you are guaranteed to come out well!

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    It's like Spawn -> BOOM INSTAFRAG!

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    Ictf and iFT are 2 of my favorite mods to play. Like the others are saying if you continue to join servers you can build your friends list. From there its up to you what you do with it. Also if you havent got a sub get one. It increases your chances of playing.

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    A: STOP playing insta-ctf.

    It is a ridiculous game. Join 3astard Server - which has an insta-shotgun (plus speed and flight - (mouse wheel down)

    Insta is so lame. no runes no mines no flight no speed just railguns.. bah

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    ICTF is ridiculous but flying around with an insta-shotgun isn't?


    ICTF is a lot of fun... if you know how to handle a railgun. :~)
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