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Thread: QLprism/elo ranks

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    QLprism/elo ranks

    Hi, I had a script for firefox called "QLRanks: In-game Elo Announcer".
    Is it possible to use it for QLprism?
    I know we can see the elo on people in the server before to join it in QLprism, but I would like to be able to see it when I am in the server.
    Can someone explain me how to do that? (A kind of step by step tutorial in a simple english could be great )

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    Senior Member runny is on a distinguished road
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    follow instructions (step by step) in the readme file :>
    just a bind that is needed works same as if used greasemonkey with firefox etc......

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    I just need to install it >< Thx Runnyunder, I thought it was harder to make it work.

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