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Thread: Duel: ur opponent ragequits.. but u get a loss

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    Duel: ur opponent ragequits.. but u get a loss

    Not fair I think, even if you're leading 30 to 0, if you disconnect you should get a loss and your opponent a win.

    Here's an example, happened to me a couple of times already:


    My opponent left a split second before I tied the game, after a nice comeback. With one minute to go and full control on campgrounds, I was certainly about to win. But the guy ragequitted when he was leading 8/7 so the game stats says he won that game, and I get a loss. I don't know if that's really a win for him because it says "Quit" on his profile but that's for sure a loss for me. Not cool and not fair!

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    I forgot to say that he did it on purpose obviously! Instead of a win for me and a loss for him, I get the loss and he got a quit (or maybe even a win??)

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    Never seen that before from a quit either leading or trailing. I actually 'beat' some 2100 elo russian when he lagged out after 7 minutes or so while leading something like 19-2, sadly I lost that game when I changed my name

    This is one for sponge methinks.

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    he got a quit and a win and u got a loss and nothing else

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