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Im not for it to bann multiple accounts. Cause I can understand if someone has for example 2 accounts. 1 for insta gametypes and 1 for the "all weapons"-gametypes. And why? Cause, ID cant distinguish insta ffa and "all weapons"-ffa. And thats annoying and needless. I am for example in tier 4, cause of insta ffa. When I would play "all weapons"-ffa from beginning without insta ffa, I am sure, I would be only tier 3 there. That means not, that I have 2 accounts. But when I would know it from the beginning of quake live, I would have 2 accounts!
Ok to having 2 but having a 10-20 or even 30 ? -
Even I am against 2 accounts (which is a absolute limit for one user of this game) because it should be 1 user = 1 account and that's it.
I am against tier slummering (when new account joins on t4 FFA server and it does a tier slummer then)