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Thread: CA Server list

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    Quote Originally Posted by an00bis86 View Post
    What he said; anyways, why does it matter? I fail to see what the point of this thread is. [..snip..] Case closed.
    I have explained above why it matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfa View Post
    What if someone is named "CA", or "CTF", or "FreezeTag" and they spawned a server in the appropriate game type? You'd have no idea that they were spawned servers :-)
    Not sure if it's possible to distinguish via the browser, but easy to do if you connect:
    1. Join server.
    2. In the console, type: /serverinfo
    3. In the console, type: /find owner
    4. If it says "sv_owner CA" it's a server spawned by player named CA (nevermind that he's not Pro as of now). Otherwise, it's a public game.

    If the owner is on the server, he'll be marked with "M" flag in /players, too.

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