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Thread: Is there a way to train reaction time?

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    I am very far from biology and medicine, but I know something that can be interesting for you.
    I probably have explanation to this. Try to read)

    Red blood cells in blood are very important in delivery of elements for living cells in body and also in removing of garbage that living cells create, during their life.
    Blood of human with normal condition has separate red blood cells (cell that move one by one) and something that called reuleaux formations - several red blood cells that are connected in one big group. Such reuleaux formation can count many red blood sells (I looked at the picture in microscope of it and counted sometimes up to 80 red blood cells in each formation). Sure, the ability of cells , that connected in such group, is much worse that separated cells. Mobility of these cells is very important.
    If you look at places where blood goes through human body, then you will find, that eyes and brain have most thin vasculums.
    They are so small, that read blood cells pass through them only one by one. So, If even paired red blood cells will come to pass through such brain vasculum, they will just fail to do it!!! They will stuck there. And this means that all near brain cells will have hunger of oxygen and other things and they also will have problem with removing products of their life, their garbage (sorry for bad English).

    So, if person eats or drinks something, then free red blood cells try to form such reuleaux formations - this is normal reaction of blood.
    But if you eat more then mobility of cells goes down, so your brain start to function slower - this is normal reaction too.

    Alcohol is very interesting, because at first stage, after drinking, it causes to many reuleaux formations to SPLIT, so for some time body have blood with very high percents of free red blood cells (RBC). Thats why at first stage the activity of brain can become faster.
    But after some time these RBC try to recombine together, but quantity of new formations is much more higher then BEFORE! At this stage many cells in body are suffering from alcohol and they make their reactions by releasing many waste and garbage to the blood, that's why average quality of blood becomes very very bad and this causes dumbness and drastic decrease in reaction time.

    As I understand, young persons can last more the first stage of alcohol affect, because their cells have high tolerance to poisons that alcohol brings (alcohol is not pure alcohol, in general it contains many other poisons and kinds of bad substances for your body).
    So, that's why this period of being little faster is noticeable and you can see it in your experiment.

    Here is a movie where you can see these formations too:

    This movie is made to show people how electromagnetic radiation affects your blood.
    But alcohol produces very similar effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kadle View Post
    The reaction times we measured didn't require the test-subject to think of chess-strategy at the same time. Each test-subject was given a switch - just think of it as a mouse with one button. When the test-subject heard a sound he should press the switch as fast as possible after hearing the sound (beep). The time interval between beeps were random, but less then 20 secs.

    Before we started the test (intake of alcohol), we let each subject practice until we could not measure any improvement in reaction time. Then we let each subject drink 2 centi liters of 40 volume % alcohol and let them ride a training bike for 10 minutes, then we tested with the switch and beeps. Then we let each subject drink 2 cl more, and so on and so forth. The test subjects may have released/produced some chemicals because they used the bike, which may have affected (lowered) their reaction time. If you have any idea why the subjects of age 18-22 became faster, I would be interested in your pov.

    We would like to have tested younger subjects, but the moral and legal issues ...

    Best Regards
    Only thing I can think of is that your test group was too small and just a coincidence.

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    so much bla bla .. try this ^^


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    Snubland is more of a strategy game imo

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    so ur saying, u dont need a good reaction + timing + control over your cursor?

    strategy alone wont get you through, even if it were that case - it would still be good training, not that i did this but it came to mind when seeing this thread ^^

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