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Thread: Insta?

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    Why are there no insta servers anymore? I don't want to play freeze tag insta. QL doesn't give a crap about insta players.. Ever since QL came out of beta it's been crap for insta and it keeps getting worse, all I play is insta, and frankly because of how crappy insta has gotten I do not have interest in paying for this crap? Can I get a word?

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    There are insta servers in the US as I see, but they are empty. Others are playing instaFreeze instead, you can't blame id for that.
    And you wouldn't pay for this game anyway, so stop with this "customer's demand" speech.

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    I am sorry all I see is one that opened at 10 am mtn in NY, too bad I don't live on the east coast.
    QL relies upon it's free players too, otherwise they wouldn't have free players. I was interested in purchasing but everything has been buggy since out of beta. My browser always crashes when I leave a game, I then restart my browser, login, get a mix status error message, login again, before I can even play. I never even see the pregame ads yet I sit and wait for the game to load twice so that I might get a millisecond view of them. I would love to play the other levels, although cheap, it just doesn't seem worth it.

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    I also realize that the reason I don't see servers and you do, is that you're probably in a different skill rank than I am. The funny thing is, is some of my friends who are skill ranked way above me, I can't beat in all weapon, but in insta I can kick their ass, due to the fact that all I play is insta. I often don't get to play with friends because of how the insta servers are now split up by rank.... It's so stupid and alienates the insta player.

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