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Thread: QuakeLive in Firefox 12, Linux behind authenticated proxy

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    Exclamation QuakeLive in Firefox 12, Linux behind authenticated proxy

    I installed the QuakeLive plugin and made all changes as mentioned in http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...l=1#post129434.

    But when I go to the QuakeLive site, I get "File Manifest Error. Quake Live has experienced an error downloading its file manifest. Please try again later."

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit, Firefox 12.0 and behind an authenticated OpenLDAP proxy server.

    I searched the forums for a suitable solution but none fo them seem to solve my problem.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Senior Member Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam's Avatar
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    Those install.rdf changes aren't needed since few updates ago. QL extension should install fine.

    QL uses libcurl for some of its operations, so setting http_proxy env variable (yes, lower case) might change something for the manifest problem, however you still won't be able to play (even offline practice) because XMPP needs direct connection...

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    Lam, some ppl in old russian forum, telling dat thay are using vpn connection to reduse ping e.t.c. im really dont know difference between vpn ant ssh tunnel, but im wondering bout your post - did u mean that all peaple with ssh tunnel cant play quake live? Becose i heve some problems with squid server, that drop connections on ql from my work, and the only way to see the site and forum is the ssh tunnel from work to my home pc. regards

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