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Thread: Wanna play a 4 teams-TDM?

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    Cool Wanna play a 4 teams-TDM?

    this is my idea: in ql some 4 teams mods should be implemented.
    for example, a one flag ctf where are four teams (red, blue, green, yellow) with their bases.
    The flag is at the centre of map and one team must fight all the other teams.
    of course we need new maps with 4 bases and green/yellow team version of all characters. but is not so hard: all id need to create this characters is to change bright models textures (just few and little changes).
    now imagine a 4 teams-TDM or CA: that sounds great! don't u think?
    of course to play a team mod with 4 teams we need huge map, but this is just an idea.
    what about this suggestion?

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    Quake 3: Team Arena already featured a one flag CTF, I would love it if QL would get such a gametype. But I don't see how 2 extra teams would really add value to the game.

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    ye i know one flag ctf was already playable in team arena but imagine 4 teams: player will be able to do a clan war between 4 clans, like a ''free for all team mode''.
    don't u think it sounds pretty good?

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    A 4-way TDM could be fun if the map was large enough. Kinda like Squad Rush in Bad Company 2.

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    ye in large maps...in fact i said <<we need huge maps>> =)
    however in practice when u choose the map u can choose to visualize only small, medium, large or huge maps. huge maps...there are not huge maps!

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