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Thread: cl_autotimenudge FPS drops

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    Quote Originally Posted by N0LImIT View Post
    so use autotn 1 and timenudge 0?
    It doesn't matter what value of cl_timenudge you use when cl_autoTimeNudge is set to 1.

    It will override any value, including 0.

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    Senior Member Ikaruga is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    - your own position being mispredicted, the effect is "rubber-banding" of your own model.

    If you move in a direction but get hit (by anything, even machinegun has a bit of knockback, not to mention getting hit with RG/RL), your position will be corrected by a server too. So your own movement becomes jerky when taking damage. The higher your ping, the lower the timenudge, the higher the symptoms.
    I'm pretty sure he was talking about this "rubber-banding" effect, but it's more like a "movement micro-stutter".
    I usualy get something like that with autoTN, but I was specualting it to be something server-client syncing related, because I get it on empty servers too sometimes.
    I know this because when I use autoTN1 on U.S or Asian servers, sometimes I forget to set it back to zero, and I notice it on EU servers, since it feels bad and sluggish.

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    For quite some time I struggled with this game. I had a whole bunch of issues:

    - Laggy, sluggish mouse movement. Input lag if I may call it that. It felt like my sens randomly changed every game.

    - Unpredictable enemy movements. It was like they move in slow-mo for a sec, then switch to fast forward. It was driving me nuts.

    - Constant "corrections" by the server. I fire the rail, instead of getting a frag game pulls enemy model few frames backwards and I die.

    - Sounds not playing on time, or not playing at all.

    I was feeling like an idiot - after playing QL for 3 years, I found myself unable to hit people using jump-pads on dm17. Chasing down enemies down the straigth hallway and missing rail after rail for no obvious reason. And just when I started to convince myself that problem maybe lies with me, not the game, I by pure chance stumbled upon "cl_autotimenudge" command. I enabled it and was shocked to see at least 90% of all my problems GONE. Sure, player models are jerking around a bit but I can live with that - game is fun once again.

    Now I always play with autotimenudge enabled because for some reason, even on ping 35-40, game with it set to "0" is unplayable.

    Sorry for the off-topic.

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