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Thread: Sampler Matches Updated - May 21st A&D

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    Banned BONFIRE is an unknown quantity at this point
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    why do you insist on making us play 3w 1.3 over again, it wasnt great back then, and it still isnt. Adjust the ammo and it might be. Till then this is fully unplayable and not worth even bothering with, as every round will end and go in defending teams favor, before anyone has run out of rockets and nades.

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    Banned TheMuffinMan86 will become famous soon enough TheMuffinMan86's Avatar
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    So I take it that the samplers were made available to only a select few regions since the gametypes were popular in those given regions during the open week?

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    Junior Member donkz is on a distinguished road
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    Great news. I actually liked A&D most out of all new mods.

    a++ for initiative

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    Senior Member Dr_Mr_Ed will become famous soon enough Dr_Mr_Ed's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by donkz View Post
    Great news. I actually liked A&D most out of all new mods.

    a++ for initiative
    Ditto, looking forward to this one. Domination is fun, but getting old on the same map over and over. This may suffer the same fate in a couple weeks, but yippee for now.
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    Senior Member crogeek is on a distinguished road crogeek's Avatar
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    I don't see what's point in complaining especially complaints from standard users which are telling sh*ts about this game and they won't pay for it (because they expect that this game will be free? - No way kids, and pro and premium members have huge advance than standard users in many ways).
    QL isn't nothing similar with frigging Minecraft (what a childish game) and especially WoW (another childish game but it's much worse than Minecraft).
    And comparing those games with QL made me big laugh.
    QuakeLive is worth of every money, 24$ or 48$ is a bargain of money - that sum of money I can collect by fixing one neighborhood PC so I don't see that complaints are arguable more.
    So don't be lazy and be a subscriber of this game because it's worth of money (even I am also saying that this sum of money is real bargain compared how big QL gameplay has).
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    Junior Member watervapr is on a distinguished road
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    I think many people want to and are willing to pay the subscriptions, it's just that they either don't have their own credit card or don't want to ask their parents to pay for it. There are also a good number of people who play quake just once or twice a week (like myself) and just want to hop on a FFA server every sunday for a few minutes, in which subscribing would be unnecessary. As far as support for the game-devs go, I'm all for it.

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    Junior Member NIGGAZ_ is on a distinguished road
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    Please keep ATTACK AND DEFEND. It is the best mode for playing! SERIOUSLY LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!

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    A step in the right direction!!! More CTFS maps, more servers and skill matching please. Not that this mod is anything like CTFS <cough>.

    Love it.

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    Senior Member D_R is on a distinguished road
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    Quote Originally Posted by pikaluva13 View Post
    You should pay for QL because QL =/= Q3. Do CoD players complain about having to pay for MW3 because they owned MW2? Chuck Testa.
    that's a good one, so quakelive isn't quake 3 but quake 4? ofc ql = q3 :>
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